Monday, July 20, 2015

Study Proves Microfiber Cloths Reduce Transfer of C.diff

Please see attached for a recent study published in the July2015 American Journal of Infection Control. We knew microfiber would reduce the transfer of C.diff and other dangerous pathogens, but now there’s a study to support it. This is a good article to promote and encourage the use of microfiber in healthcare facilities.  

  • Microfiber cloths can remove significantly more C difficile spores from surfaces compared with cotton cloths.
  • The ability of microfiber cloths to retain spores provides convincing evidence that this cleaning approach could reduce transfer of microorganisms.
  • Utilization of microfiber cleaning cloths in the health care environment may diminish the risk of spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms. 
  • Additional clinical studies using a sporicidal agent are needed.